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How to signup for BulkMail

What you need to know during the signup

Step 1 - Create your account

This will create your billing access where you will be able to purchase credits and other services. Your login for the application will be sent a few minutes later, after we have verified your account. Once your newsletter application account has been created, you will have 100 free email credits and a limit of 20 email addresses to use for testing. ( The Trial Account will be removed after 90 Days ).

Note: Your billing account logins and your newsletter application logins are different.

Step 2 - Test our system

It is vital that you are happy with our system and that this will meet your needs. We encourage all users to first test our system by creating lists, campaigns and viewing reports.

Step 3 - Purchase Credits

The next step is to purchase credits, If everything meets your requirements, then purchase credits here. Login to your Billing Area to complete the transaction.

Step 4 - Data health form

This is a mandatory requirement for all clients who send with our application.
Before you can start sending emails, we will require you to fill out our data health form. We will send you an email once you have purchased your credits.

We require this form to ensure we do not have any issues concerning age of the list & size of the list. We will give you recommendations on how you can correct these problems.

Step 5 - Login and Send

Once your order has been finalised and you have completed the data health form, the credits will be assigned to your account and your account will be active in full. You will receive an email to confirm this.

Important note about new accounts and credits
# New accounts are created during working hours, Monday to Friday.
# Credits are assigned to your account during working hours, Monday to Friday.

Important: Read our Anti-Spam Policy to ensure that you are complying with our send policies before you purchase credits.

* Note that all prices include 15% VAT Once Off credits DO NOT have an Expiry period
Credits are loaded onto your account during working hours Monday to Friday.

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